Below you will have access to all the currently available games by Blood and Spectacles Publishing.  These cover a range of game systems from historical, to fantasy, to Sci-fi and beyond.  You will find a variety of game mechanics, scales, and genres represented below. 

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Men of Bronze
$20.00 on Osprey (Paperback)
$16.00 on Osprey (EBook)

Men of Bronze is a wargame that allows you to play out Classical Greek hoplite battles on the tabletop. Players are Strategoi (generals) leading phalanxes of bronze-clad warriors in pursuit of fame, glory, and the honor of their city-states. To win such prizes, however, you must prove your mettle, display your valor, and bring the other Strategoi to their knees!

Designed to recreate small battles or larger skirmishes with 50-80 figures per side, each army will have its own unique mix of rules, advantages, backgrounds, and abilities. Strategoi must understand and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their forces in order to win glory on the battlefield. Of course, there's no telling what tricks a rival Strategos might have up their tunic sleeves…

Total Carnage
Suggested price $5.00 (Wargame Vault)

Wasteland car warriors battle it out on your kitchen table to be the last car running!  You get to control cars in your warband as you careen across the wasteland.  Destroy rivals with a barrage of shooting or just ram them into oblivion.  This game is high-octane and quick to play. 

This game is fun for all ages as it is designed for use with ordinary toy cars and a flat surface.  This game uses innovative What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) mechanics to determine outcomes and a flick mechanic for movement and shooting.  The game comes with scenarios and vehicle building rules to make each player’s cars unique.  In addition, the game can be set up and played in under an hour.  No wargaming experience is needed for a great night of family CARnage!   

Rampant Galaxies
Suggested price $12.00 (Wargame Vault)

In the future, armies clash for the survival of the universe… or something a bit less epic.  You can command legions of troops, tanks, aircraft, mechs, and artillery as they duke it out.  You can craft and customize your force to represent your favorite sci-fi movies or just use your own imagination.  In Rampant Galaxies armies are at your command.   

The focus is on combined arms warfare in a cinematic future.   The game is geared to play model agnostic forces of 3mm-15mm scale miniatures.  The army building system uses abstracted unit types layered with sci-fi traits to quickly and easily make unique sci-fi units.  Game play uses a specialized turn sequence, activation rolls, and simple d6 dice mechanics to resolve action.  In addition, the game has randomized missions, complications, and worlds to allow an endless variety of game play.  You may never play the same game twice!  A typical game can be played in 1 hour or less. 

Rampant Stars
Suggested price $12.00 (Wargame Vault)

The Rampant Stars are a restless place.  Insurgency, police actions, military attacks, counter-attacks, are all a way of life.  Violence is endemic and Rampant Stars allows you to play squad versus squad skirmish in the war torn Rampant Stars. 

This game scales great with 15mm to 28mm miniatures and works great with any miniature line.  It is miniature agnostic.  Army building is easy, quick, and customizable.  You can represent any faction from any game, movie, or TV show with some simple choices.  The mechanics are d6 based and intuitive.  In addition, the game uses randomized mission, complications, and terrain to keep each game fresh.  Typical game play is 1 hour or less. 

It helps if you have played wargames before, but the rules are streamlined and easy to pick-up for beginners.      

Rampant Sun
Suggested price $12.00 (Wargame Vault)

The adventure and excitement of sci-fi Model vs Model skirmish comes to your tabletop!  Mighty heroes and restless space ruffians come to blows on your kitchen table.  Infiltrate a corporate headquarters, set an ambush against marauding space pirates, or steal the priceless artifact from a ruined temple; you can do it all with this rules set.  Heroes and characters are the order of the day as each model has unique abilities and skills to bring to the table.  Use them appropriately to defeat your foes. 

Rampant Sun is designed for use with 28mm and larger figures on a 1 vs. 1 basis.  1 model equals a single unique character and model in the game.  Character building is simple and quick with abstracted choices allowing special on table abilities.  Speed of play is the order of the day with easy to understand and resolve mechanics, randomized scenarios, and abstracted character building allow for speed of play for game lengths of an hour long.

Rampant Hordes
Suggested price $12.00 (Wargame Vault)

Hordes of degenerate evil doers face off against the disciplined ranks of the forces of order across the fantastical battlefields of your living room.  You can command arms of noble warriors or treacherous corsairs as they fight sword against shield, and spear against plate mail.  Use your abilities as a leader to inspire key units and perform critical actions.  The fate of the these fantastical worlds lie in your hands. 

Rampant Hordes uses a flavorful leadership token system to help you command your fantasy forces to perform special actions, rally, re-double their efforts, and push for victory.  In addition, the game uses abstracted unit types and fantasy traits to build unique and characterful units for your battlefields.  Easy to understand and resolve mechanics allow for a free flowing and quick fantasy game for 3mm-15mm game agnostic models that can be played in about an hour.

The Games 
Blood and Spectacles

Suggested price $12.00 (Wargame Vault)

“We who are about to die, salute you!”  You are Lanista, the owner of a Ludus during the days of Rome.  You own and operate a school for Gladiators.  It us up to you to build your stable of gladiators, equip them, train them, and send them into the arena to fight in The Games.  Those who amuse the crowd and fight well may live, those that fail may die.  However, it is up to you to maintain the troupe and keep the Ludus running. 

This is a game for 15-54mm gladiator models.  The Games uses a campaign system to link a series of one-off games into a larger narrative.  You control and fight with the Gladiators in various events with the results impacting future events you play in.  It can be played as a series of one-off games, or as a campaign.  No grids or hex maps required.

Green Army Men
Plastic Men, Steel Resolve
Suggested price $12.00 (Wargame Vault)

Everyone has access to Green Army Men and this game lets players of all ability field them against each other across the kitchen table.  Maneuver your green, plastic soldiers to victory against all of your friends and family members.  Fast and furious firefights will be breaking out across any flat surface in the house!  This is a great family game.       

The game uses easy to play dexterity combat mechanics that means anyone of any skill level can play this barn-burner of a game.  Simple flick mechanics and What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get resolution mechanics means wargame rookies to experienced veterans can have a laugh.  Measurements are given in hand size, so no special tools are required.  In addition, each plastic soldier is unique with a variety of missions for your plastic men to accomplish.